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Major Investments in the NKR Economy (1999-2002)

Jobs Created
Activity Sphere
Investments From Foreign Countries
Karabakh Telecom Co. $15,000,000 30 Telecommunications Lebanon
ATA-Vank-Les Co. $1,500,000 120 Parket tile production USA
Sirkap Armenia Co. $1,500,000 50 Hotel business Switzerland
Haik Watch and Jewelry Co. $1,200,000 118 Jewelry production Switzerland
ArtsakhBank Co. $1,000,000   Banking Switzerland
Sirkap Armenia Co. $650,000 85 Construction material production Switzerland
Iceberg-A $500,000 9 Refrigeration Russia
Arvard Co. $380,000 37 Dairy production USA
Shishmanian Ltd. $350,000 20 Food processing, pasta production Monaco
Andranik Shpon Co. $340,000 25 Wood processing Switzerland
Mika Ltd. $287,000   Wine making U.K.
Australia Nairi Ltd. $200,000 17 Hotel business Australia
Yerkir Tour Co. $200,000 19 Hotel business USA
Sasun Co. $123,000 12 Polyethilene pipe production Iran
Minasian Co. $100,000 35 Carpet production USA
Oil Cracking Co. $100,000 20 Oil refinery Russia
Artsakh Gorg Ltd. $50,000 45 Carpet production USA
Stepanakert Bread Factory Co. $26,000   Bakery, pasta production USA
SUBTOTAL $23,506,000 642    
Investments From Armenia
Base Metals Ltd. $10,000,000 320 Metal mining Armenia
ArtsakhCable Co. $500,000 23 Cable production Armenia
Nairi Ltd. $442,600 150 Wine making Armenia
Lusakert Ltd. $300,000 150 Poultry production Armenia
ArmTechnoMashExport Co. $203,600   Medicinal tea production Armenia
Max Wood Ltd. $144,300 40 Wood processing Armenia
SUBTOTAL $11,590,500 683    
Local Investments
Artsakh Alco CO. $1,500,000 96 Wine, vodka and spirit production NKR
Shoe Factory Co. $494,300 114 Apparel production NKR
Varanda Co. $260,000 30 Barrel production NKR
Urartu $160,000 70 Diamond polishing NKR
GF Ltd. $130,000 18 Furniture production NKR
Arj Co. $85,000 25 Canned food production NKR
Dvin Ltd. $70,000 18 Poultry production NKR
Narek Co. $46,000 29 Canned food production NKR
SUBTOTAL $2,745,300 400    
TOTAL $37,841,800 1,725    


  • Agriculture (grains, grapes, cattle farming).
  • Processing of agricultural products
  • Food processing, light industry
  • Mining, processing of natural resources
    (coal, natural crystal, gold, silver, copper, sulfur, mercury, zinc, etc.)
  • Jewelry making and diamond processing
  • Information Technologies
  • Construction of mini hydropower plants, energy development
  • Restoration and development of the irrigation system
  • Tourism


734 15th Street, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005
tel: (202) 481-3341, e-mail: info@nkrusa.org