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Travel, Tourism and General Information

Nagorno Karabakh Republic Visa Guidelines

NKR Permanent Representation in Armenia

To visit the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, foreign nationals require an entry visa. NKR visas are issued by the Consular Section of the NKR Permanent Representation in Armenia, located at:

17-A Zarian Street
Yerevan, Armenia

The consular section is open daily from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm except weekends. In special circumstances, a visa may be issued at the NKR Foreign Ministry in Stepanakert.

Term of Visa Registration and Rate of State Customs

  • Tourist visa for 21 days - 3.000 AMD (about $8)
    (For granting visa on the same day extra 100%)
  • Single visa for up to one month: 24.000 AMD
  • Multiple visa for up to one month: 33.000 AMD
  • Single visa for up to two months: 30.000 AMD
  • Multiple visa for up to two months: 39.000 AMD
  • Single visa for up to three months: 36.000 AMD
  • Multiple visa for up to three months:  44.000 AMD

Please pay in the state duty to the account # 915005160618
For information about exchange rates (AMD vs. U.S. dollar or other currency), please visit official webpage of the ArtsakhBank at: http://www.ab.am/ or Armenian Central Bank at: http://www.cba.am/EN/SitePages/Default.aspx

At the consular section you will be asked to fill out a visa application form and submit one photo (3x4cm), along with your valid foreign passport. You can download Visa Application Form from http://nkr.am/en/the-procedure-of-foreign-citizens-entry-to-the-nkr/92/

Currently visitors can enter the NKR only through the territory of the Republic of Armenia. An Armenian visa may be obtained at the consular section of the Armenian Embassy in Washington, DC or at the Armenian Consulate in Los Angeles, CA.

For further questions regarding NKR visas, please contact:

Consular Service of the NKR Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tel: (+37447) 94 14 18

Consular Section of the NKR Permanent Representation in Armenia
Tel: (+37410) 24-97-05

Telephone Service in Nagorno Karabakh

The Karabakh Telecom Company (website www.karabakhtelecom.com) provides local, long-distance, wireless telephone services in Nagorno Karabakh, as well as Internet services. To call a phone number to Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR) from abroad, first dial:

For Mobile Phones: an international line access number, then (374-97) + six digits mobile phone number

For local Landline telephone number: an international line access number, then (374 47) + (regional code) + 5 digits landline phone number

Destination Area Code Local Telephone Number:

Stepanakert: + 374 47 + (regional code 9)
Askeran: + 374 47 + (regional code 6)
Berdzor: + 374 47 + (regional code 7)
Hadrout: + 374 47+ (regional code 5)
Martouni: + 374 47+ (regional code 8)
Martakert: + 374 47+ (regional code 4)
Shoushi: + 374 47+ (regional code 7)

For example, to call from the United States:

For a 6-digit cell phone number in NKR, dial:

011+(374)+97+(six-digit cell phone number)
011+(374)+97+XX XX XX

For a 5-digit local number in NKR, dial:

011+(374 47) + (one digit regional code) + (five-digit local number)
011+(374 47) + 9 + X XX XX, for Stepanakert

Askeran (476)
to reach an operator for villages, dial:

011+374+476+77311 or

Hadrut (475)
to reach an operator for villages, dial:

011+374+475+51859 or

Kashatagh (477)
to reach an operator for villages, dial:

011+374+477+31395 or

Martakert (474)
to reach an operator for villages, dial:

011+374+474+21024 or

Martuni (478)
to reach an operator for villages, dial:

011+374+478+21077 or

Shushi (477)
to reach an operator for villages, dial:


For additional information or troubleshooting, please contact the Karabakh Telecom at info@karabakhtelecom.com

Latest travel and tourism information from

734 15th Street, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005
tel: (202) 481-3341, e-mail: info@nkrusa.org