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10 Reasons to Invest in NKR

1. Well-Trained and Cheap Labor Force
During Soviet times Nagorno Karabakh developed a strong base of professional engineers who are now available and willing to work, should they be given the opportunity. In addition to this, the average monthly wage in the NKR is $50 USD, a fraction of the average daily wage in industrialized countries.

2. Tax Benefits
Companies that use foreign capital while doing business in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic are eligible for exemptions from profit taxes. In addition to this, there are certain goods that are free of excise and value added taxes when produced by foreign investors.
Click here for a table on Profit Tax Exemptions.

3. No Export Duties
Although goods that are imported to NKR are subject to a 10% duty, the exporting of goods is free of any such payments.

4. Extremely Low Operating and Living Costs
Utilities, rent, construction, overhead, service and living costs are among the lowest in the region. Thus, NKR has significant cost advantages while offering geographical proximity to Armenia.

5. Strong FDI Growth
Since 1999, FDI has grown 10-fold. Click here to view major investments table.

6. Satisfaction Among Investors
Karabakh Telecom Co. (Lebanon) www.karabakhtelecom.com, Sirkap Armenia Co. (Switzerland), and Haik Watch and Jewelry Co. (Switzerland) are the largest recent foreign investments in NKR. All have been successful in creating jobs and generating profits.

7. Favorable Geography and Climate for Agriculture
The geography and climate of NKR are extremely favorable for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, particularly grapes, which are instrumental in the production of Karabakh's well-known wines and liquors. The geography of NKR lends to success in breeding and raising cattle.

8. Social and Internal Political Stability
Since the 1994 cease-fire between NKR and Azerbaijan, social and political stability within NKR has prevailed. An effective government has since been established and is in the pursuit of democracy. Click here for information on the structure of the branches of government and officers in NKR.

9. Financial Stability
The banking system in NKR acts as an entity that is regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia. Therefore, all financial transactions are subject to laws and regulations common to both Armenia and NKR. This relationship implies that Armenia's macro economic stability is also reflected in the NKR.

10. Positive Impact on Armenia
A stronger NKR certainly plays an important role in the development of a stronger Republic of Armenia. Foreign direct investments made in NKR will necessarily translate into improved trade and increased self-sufficiency.


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tel: (202) 481-3341, e-mail: info@nkrusa.org