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The North-South "Backbone" Highway

The North-South Highway, currently being constructed by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, passes through all the five regions of Karabakh and joins the Goris-Stepanakert Highway near the city of Stepanakert. It will ensure both internal communication and the link of separate regions with the Republic of Armenia.

The North-South Highway passes through more than 20 settlements of Karabakh (villages, towns) approaching more than 100 of them, which are situated less than 10-20 km far from the highway.

With this highway, the Karabakh regions mainly involved in agriculture will get an opportunity to sell their agricultural products quickly and with little expenses. The link with the Armenian market will be facilitated.

The construction of the highway began in the summer of 2000 and as of today 3 40-km sections are completed.

Leading north from capital Stepanakert, a 20-km "Dashbulagh-Kichan" section of the highway has been constructed. The means allocated by the Armenian communities of East and West Coasts of the USA made it possible to build 7 km out of the Dashboulagh - Kichan 20 km section.

The rest has been constructed through contributions made by Armenian-American benefactors Hirair Hovnanian (2km), Louise Manoogian Simone (5 km), Gerard Cafesjian (3 km), Albert Boyajian (2 km), and Antranik Berberian (1 km).

Leading south from capital Stepanakert, the Karmir Shouka-Drakhtik road has been built.

More than half (6 km) of the Karmir Shouka - Drakhtik 10 km section has been built with the generous donation of Lincy Foundation and the rest was financed by the Armenian community of France, as well as Armenians from Armenia, Artsakh, Lebanon, Greece, Canada, and other countries.

In the beginning of the Karmir Shuka-Drakhtik road , near the Shekher village, a bridge is being built with the financial help of the Armenian community of East Coast USA.

In November 2002, the construction of the Dashboulagh - Baloudja (10 km) section, financed by the Armenian communities of France and West Coast USA, came to an end.

The construction of the Kichan-Chldran road in the north and the Sarushen-Karmir Shuka road in the south is considered a priority.

To complete the North-South Highway, another 4 sections have to be built in the southern route and another 3 sections in the northern route - a total of 130 kilometers.
The Board of Trustees of the Hayastan Fund and the Government of Karabakh consider the building of the highway, called the backbone of the Karabakh economy, as an imperative necessity. Quick and successful completion of this project will ensure a solution of numerous social and economic problems facing our compatriots living in Artsakh, as well as required life-standards for them.

Check the latest information on www.himnadram.org and www.armeniafund.org


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